Worn to stand out and impress, with an impact of high aesthetics and a unique approach to volume, Maria Kotsoni creates precious micro-sculptures that become one with the wearer; to adorn and be adorned. Bold, refined and original, each Maria Kotsoni piece bears the distinctive touch of the artist’s unique identity.

Born and raised in an artistic family on the sun-kissed, historic island of Cyprus, designer- jeweller and micro-sculptor, Maria Kotsoni, founded her eponymous brand in 2016 after having established her workshop|showroom in Nicosia where today she is officially based.

Holding a BA Hons at Central Saint Martins, London (1991), Maria gradually built her way up, from working as a bespoke jeweller and designer for the jewellery industry in Athens, to becoming a solo jewellery artist with numerous group and solo exhibitions in Europe and New York.

Maria’s strong bond to her island’s rich cultural background can be traced in her work, combined with her love of nature and keen interest in Archaeology, Philosophy, travel and the modern world.

Each collection is distinctly unique and original; a pure product of the artist’s multilingual ability and ceaselessly inventive spirit that lives and creates in the present, yet feeds on the cultural richness of the past.

‘’..My Jewellery attempts to revoke the connection between past and present, in a way that transcends cultures, by re-establishing a healthy communication between humans and awareness towards nature, hoping to restore the balance for the sake of our common present and future.’’

In support of the local jewellery industry, today, Maria works closely with her team of fine craftsmen, using traditional techniques combined with the latest 3-D technology to skillfully master each piece by paying meticulous attention to detail as well as by carefully selecting each gemstone to ensure it results in a jewel of superior quality to be treasured for life and appreciated by collectors and wearers worldwide.