Christmas 2021 Presentation

Dear friends, we will be thrilled to have you join us and share a drink with you while you browse on our latest designs and collection for our annual pre Christmas event.
At the Showroom:
Wednesday, 8 December 18:00-21:00 
At the Commissary, Griva Digeni Ave, 38, Paphos 8047 Paphos:
Saturday, 11 December 9:00-19:00
 Christmas 2021 PresentationChristmas 2020
Dear Friends, we request the pleasure of your company to our annual Christmas event at the Showroom. Due to the current restrictions on group gatherings, we will be expecting you on Saturday 12 December from 11:00 - 18:00. Our store’s maximum capacity is 5 persons at a time. 







Dear friends, we are thrilled to welcome you again to our Showroom for a preview of our new pieces on Thursday, June 25 

Sharing our gratitude for our newly acquired freedom with our warmest wishes for a peaceful and relaxed Summer,  we will be offering to all those attending a €50 gift card to be redeemed until July 5 on purchases from our 18K Gold collections.










Christmas presentation 2019

We request the pleasure of your presence at our Showroom for a pre Christmas festive evening, presenting our latest pieces of Fine and Silver Jewellery 

Wednesday December 11

from 7:00-9:30 p.m.



Paris Fashion Week SS20 

We will be showcasing our latest ‘Intersections’ collection together with selected pieces from our classic ‘Spiked’ collection.